Church Planting

Reaching the unreached people groups:

The vision of Reach Asia is to see churches being planted among each and every unreached people group in South Asia through indigenous church-planters. There are thousands of people groups in South Asia who still haven’t got a Christian witness among them. Reach Asia has already established hundreds of churches in the state of Chhattisgarh and dozens of churches in and around Siliguri (including in Nepal) during the last 5 years.


The city of Siliguri is an ideally and strategically located city in India. From Siliguri, one can easily access Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Tibet and Mianmar(Burma). People from Nepal, Tibet and Bangladesh can be found in large numbers in Siliguri itself. Reach Asia will pick such strategic cities to train various nationals for evangelism and church-planting and send them to unreached villages and towns in Asia.

Partnership Opportunity :

Reach Asia’s strategy is to help church-planters with partial support as they begin their pioneering ministries and discontinue support as their churches grow and get established. Reach Asia will request the members of the body of Christ all over the world to provide this partial support of $50.00 a month for one church-planter.
Please pick a church-planter below and start investing in the eternal Kingdom.

Looking for Sponsors