We exist to demonstrate God’s love, make disciples, and plant indigenous,reproducing churches among the unreached peoples of Asia.

Love. Grow. Multiply.


We desire to make God famous among the unreached peoples of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Burma by training and supporting indigenous leaders who plant healthy, reproducing churches, beginning in key “crossroads” cities. These churches are to become self-sufficient within ten years and move from “receiving” to “sending” churches.

We will employ a strategic approach, including exit strategies and contingencies, using verifiable metrics and accountability. This will result in the effective and efficient use of limited resources.

We will pursue holistic methods that seek spiritual and societal transformation, including ministries of compassion, economic development, leadership training, resource translation, evangelism, and saturation church planting.


2016 Goals

1. Expand from 18 church planters to 32, with a focus on Siliguri.

2. Start a new mercy home, comprised of 10 girls rescued from sex trafficking in Siliguri.

3. Start a new pastoral training center and enroll 10 students.

4. Plant indigenous churches that will be self-supporting, self-governing and self-promoting in the long-run

5. Train young men and women in the Bible and Theology to be effective evangelists, disciple-makers, founders of churches and effective communicators of the Word of God.

6. Show love in action to the orphans, poor and needy in partnership with the believers locally and globally.

7. Establish self-supporting projects (computer training centers, schools, and other income generating projects) to raise local income for ministry projects

8. Establish a Missions Training Center to train Indigenous church-planters that will be committed to reach unreached people groups of 10/40 window.


1. Establish a quality training center in Siliguri to train and send out indigenous disciple-makers to plant churches among unreached people groups.

2. Mobilize new believers for evangelism and church-planting movement

3. Establish Homes of Hope in each country to take care of parentless children.

4. Establish a micro-lending Reach Asia to help poor women to start some income generating project and to create a platform for bridging the worldview gap.

5. Establish small budget schools and training centers to liberate people from ignorance and to help generate local income for ministries.

6. Develop regional leaders to strengthen and promote church-planting movement and to provide pastoral care and counseling.

Our Core Values

1. A passion for God, His Word, and His people.

2. A passion to make disciples among the unreached peoples.

3. A passion to develop indigenous leaders and churches.

4. A passion for integrity in all we do.

5. A passion to be focused and strategic in our work.

Statements of Faith

We believe in Trinity- God is One existing eternally as three persons - revealed in the Bible as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

We believe that Jesus Christ was fully Divine and fully human in his incarnation and there-after.

We believe in the spiritual lost-ness of the human race.

We believe in the substitutionary atonement and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We believe that salvation is by faith alone in Jesus Christ alone.

We believe in the physical return of Jesus Christ.

We believe in the inerrancy of Scriptures

Board members

team-member 1

Rev. Rajesh Sebastian M.A., Th.M.

President of the Reach Asia Ministries

Raj grew up in the southern part of India and came to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ at the age of twelve. Raj went to North India at the age of 18 for training in missions and has been in mission fields of North India since then and has travelled all over the Northern part of India preaching and teaching the Word of God. Raj earned an undergraduate degree in Theology and M.A. in Philosophy from two prestigious institutions in India. Raj also earned M.Th. in Systematic Theology and Pastoral Leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary. Besides, Raj also received training in Christian Apologetics from RZIM and Probe Ministries/Dallas Theological Seminary.

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Rev. Mark Fortney MBA, Th.M.

Rev. Mark Fortney is currently the Senior Pastor of Redeemer Bible Church in Dallas, Texas. He’s also served at previous churches as a senior pastor, an executive pastor, and a missions pastor. He was ordained at Stonebriar Community Church, under the leadership of Dr. Chuck Swindoll, in Frisco, Texas. He was president of a missions para-church ministry (Sixteen:Fifteen, church missions coaching) and has served on several boards.

Mark has a heart for the Lord, a deep love for the local church, and a passion for discipleship, missions and outreach. He left a successful business career to enter the ministry.

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Robert Patton

Bob and his wife Jennifer have been married for over 4o years. They have had the privilege to be parents to two wonderful now grown and married children and the delight of being grandparents to eight fun and beautiful grandchildren. Bob had a long career with what is now ATT and retired from there after 36 years as the VP-World Wide Customer Service. He then engaged in ministry at East-West Ministries International as a “volunteer” working in the areas of Mercy Homes and Business for Transformation. He just recently retired for a second time as the EVP-Operations for East-West. He has resumed his role as a volunteer there again. Jennifer and Bob are so very fortunate to call their church home Providence Church in Frisco and enjoy serving the Lord while participating in missions work there.

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Shauna Chaffin

Shauna Chaffin graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a BAS in Business Administration and Legal Studies, MBA and a Masters of Global Leadership where she also serves as an adjunct professor teaching International Business Management. Shauna completed six years of service with East-West Ministries International in the role of Vice President Mobilization overseeing missionary recruitment, hiring, church partnerships, short-term trips, missionary orientation and training and church partnerships. Shauna served at Stonebriar Community Church on the missions team for four years.  Shauna held numerous positions at AT&T Wireless for twelve years in recruiting, regulatory, expert witness and global markets. Shauna left the business world to pursue her calling to serve in missions but quickly found the Lord using both her passion for business and missions to further his kingdom simultaneously.

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Thomas George

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Ben Varghese

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